Kinstyle Potion Cream


Increasingly professional hairdressers seek multifunctional products that allow us to maximize the services and also help us to give a boost to resale.

That is why today we want to present the latest  KIN Cosmetics launch: KINSTYLE Potion Cream. A new treatment without rinsing and cream-gel texture, which treats the hair while combing gives fixation to get a look as careful as perfect for hours.

The secret of its effectiveness? We found hidden in his formula. KINSTYLE Potion Cream is 10 times more natural concentrated ingredients than other styling products of the market. KINSTYLE Potion Cream contains high proportions of:macadamia oil thanks to its high concentration of palmitoleic acid, conditions instantly capillary fibers and gives them an added hydration. Argan Oil valuable nutritional properties whose repair the hair and beauty attributed numerous benefits such as brightness and smoothness. Tea extract that provides a high antioxidant power ideal to protect hair from damage affecting appearance especially in colored hair. It also contains Vitamin E, Panthenol and UV filterdirectly acting as protective agents and hair conditioners. All these ingredients are added to the encapsulated AIS technology actives as takes the other treatments and styling products KIN Cosmetics. The AIS technology unlocks the natural ingredients inside to act from the deepest layers of the hair fiber. The visible result from the first application is a hair healthier, brighter, much more repaired, less frizzy and best hairstyle.

A “leave in treatment” 2in1 with yellow-orange color, very easy to apply thanks to its cream-gel texture that absorbs quickly without leaving residue or matted hair. Regarding its aroma, soft and light notes of orange blossom, pineapple, brown sugar and a final touch of menthol, provides KINSTYLE Potion Cream a point relaxing exoticism that makes application enjoyable.

We can say that is the perfect partner for all hair types: textures, revitalizes hair, hairstyle defines, provides control and makes styling easier. Ideal to prepare hair before defining any hairstyle, to unravel or to give it an extra cocktail of nutrients, especially after the summer or after any technical work.

KINSTYLE Cream Potion, is addition to providing to our customers a healthy hair, it is an environmentally friendly product. The ingredients contained in, are not tested on animals and are free of parabens. It also comes in a 100% recyclable packaging in the copper color characteristic of the brand.

Using it is easy: after washing and towel-dried but still wet hair, the ratio of 2 or 3 hazelnuts product in the palm applies. Rubbed between the palms and spans the whole media and insisting hair tips. Then you must dry your hair naturally or with a blow dryer and comb to the desired look. It’s that simple!

A product of 150ml. with spectacular results on hair.